Ceramic Dinosaur’s traditional ceramic shop represents 50 years of ceramic design and manufacturing.

We offer an amazing selection of beautiful finished, bisque and greenware pieces.

Our facility includes a room for group instruction, making it the perfect location for birthday parties, Scout projects, or a gathering of friends to just have a great time. Groups and parties are always welcome, and we can accommodate you outside of our regular business hours with reservations.

Ceramic Dino’s is the largest facility of its kind in Central Texas.

Ceramic Dino’s finishes pieces in hundreds of techniques, reflecting¬† limitless possibilities in style and design.¬† Our custom services include hand-building and custom molds. Custom projects, hand-designed tiles and mass production are the backbone of the business.

We are committed to keep this craft alive. Gentle hobbies benefit many people. Our existence is a testimony to living our passions. Because we make everything ourselves, greenware is available by order on all of our pieces.

We encourage you to visit us in Bertram, Texas, Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm. (map)

We call our business Ceramic Dinos (dinosaurs) because we have worked with clay for fifty years and have watched the industry become nearly extinct!¬† Throughout history ceramics have identified civilizations. Our ceramics will become the relics of the 21st Century, thus our tagline is “Make a Relic Yours Today“.